Terms of Service

Please note that the terms of service are subject to change without prior notice for any reason deemed necessary.

1. I reserve the right to refuse any commission, edit or alteration.
2. Commissioners are permitted by me to post their commission for personal use on any website, provided that I am given credit for the piece and a link is made accessible that leads to my profile, website, or social media page. 
3. You are NOT permitted to edit or change my artwork in any way, with the exception of cropping for use in an icon/avatar via my permission.
4. You are NOT allowed to profit from my art in any way through commercial use.

Copywright Policy

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

I retain the right to use this work for any purpose, including but not limited to advertising, sales, promotional material, etc.

I will NOT draw characters that are the intellectual and copyrighted property of an individual or artist without the written consent or permission of said artist/Individual. I will however draw fan-art of iconic or popular characters within legal use.

You are welcome to draw fan-art of my characters under the conditions that any and all art featuring characters that belong to me are credited with me as the characters creator and a link is established leading to my profile, website, etc. You are NOT permitted to draw or depict my characters in any form of explicit pornographic or sexual acts without my permission. 


All art created by me is SFW (Safe For Work). I will not draw or accept any commissions that depict true nudity, pornographic, or explicit material. Suggestive is allowed as long as I approve of it. I am fine with drawing characters in "sexy" poses or clothes. I will also draw characters without clothes as long as there is NO inappropriate body parts or they are censored. I will not draw characters having sex under any condition, but I am happy to draw characters hugging, cuddling, or kissing.


At this time all online payment for commissions is received and processed through a PayPal invoice. This is however subject to change, as new technology and payment methods become available.
1. I will NOT accept payment via check, so please do not ask or attempt to send me one.
2. Payment must be processed and received before I will begin work on your commission.
3. I only accept United States Currency (USD).

Refund Policy

Full refunds are only applicable before I have started work on the commission. If you ask for a refund during the work process, I will refund you an amount based on the work that has already been completed.
You will not be refunded anything once the artwork is finished.
Any unfinished commissions are considered to be my property and I am legally permitted to do with them as I see fit. 

Shipping Policy

Any and all physical items purchased directly on this website are only returnable if said item is damaged during the shipping process. If you find a damaged item upon arrival, please contact me. Orders can be canceled and a refund issued only before I have sent out the order.