Set Sail Towards Your Future (2/1/19)

Set Sail Towards Your Future (2/1/19)

 “I firmly believe that we all must set sail towards foreign shores and adventure in order to gain insight, knowledge, and wisdom that can be applied towards our own goals and ambitions. It’s a right of passage that we all must take if we are to ever truly become what we were placed on this earth to be.”

-Light Lux collie

Now I have been mulling it over for the past week and for the life of me I couldn’t come up with a good topic for the first official post to this blog which I want to start updating regularly. I wasn’t going to post anything until it finally hit me this morning that it’s not always having a well thought out plan that brings you success, and that sometimes it’s just about taking action. Those first few steps that for many of us seem to be the hardest thing. Now I’ve always been one to analyze, plan, and contemplate for a good while before I typically act on something, and over the past two years of posting art online I learned rather quickly that I needed to go against my nature of over analysis, otherwise I most likely would be crippled by the fear of what isn’t good enough. I would never have started because of it. Those of you who follow me might have noticed that I tend to do overkill when it comes to Saber Collie Studios, even though many people might consider my art to be lackluster or mediocre at best. You see, it’s not that I don’t realize that my art could be better, as much as it is that I would most likely never get around to improving it if I didn’t take action and present it how I would like it to be percieved. How many of us are holding back from pursuing our dreams simply because we feel we aren’t ready yet or we fear what other people might think?

Now listen to me when I say this.

If you are not ready now then when will you be?

Now I know that this isn’t a very long blog post, but It’s a start. It’s all about getting your raft in the water and learning along the way.

So I challenge you this week,

Take those first few steps towards a dream you have been thinking about. Launch your raft. It will never happen until you do.

Have a wonderful rest of your week.

With love,

Light Lux Collie


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